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This Week's Lesson

Each week parents can come to this portion of our website to see which lesson we will be teaching on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Parents will be able to know what their children are being taught, and most importanly teach the same truths at home through the resources found on the Link to Information about The Gospel Story Curriculum


The Story

Sunday, March 18, 2018 God Provides Food and Water for Israel 16:1 - 17:7

Teaching points 


Israel grumbles against Moses

  • God has done so many miracles and wonders to deliver the people of Israel from Egypt. Yet in this passage we see that they quickly lose faith. Their complaining demonstrates faithlessness and rebellion against God.
  • When you read this story, you may at first put yourself in the place of Moses, who had to put up with the grumbling of others. But God has preserved this story of complaining for a different
    reason. We are all tempted to the same kind of sinful complaining and rebellion. We are all
    much more like the rebellious complainers than we are like Moses! As we remember this, it will help keep us from thinking too much of ourselves and from judging others for complaining.

God provides bread from heaven

  • In response to the complaining of the people, God sends manna—bread from heaven. Six days a week, it appears in the morning as small wafers on the ground. As we will see, Jesus called himself the Bread of Life who came from heaven. He said that anyone who eats that bread would live forever.
  • God knew that Jesus would come and die for sins. So he overlooked the sins of Israel and gave them life-giving manna. God provided manna for 40 years until they reached the border of Canaan, the Promised Land.

God shows mercy to the Israelites

  • Now the Israelites are doing much more than grumbling.They actually want to kill Moses. They think they are going to die of thirst, and they blame Moses for it. In reality, they are not rebelling against Moses but against God. So God calls Moses to go on ahead of the people and to bring the staff that he used to work wonders before Pharaoh.
  • God has every right to strike the people for complaining just as the people want to strike
    Moses. Instead, God has Moses use his staff to strike a rock on which God is standing. It is as
    if God is taking the punishment for the sins of the people; what flows from that punishment
    is a miracle of mercy—water in the desert.
  • In this event, God gives us a marvelous picture of Jesus. It is Jesus who has taken the punishment for our sins, and from him flows mercy everlasting.
Where's Jesus?

How does today’s Bible story fit into God’s greater plan of redemption? Read John 6:31–40.

The manna that God provided for the Israelites in the desert is a picture of Christ, the true spiritual bread from heaven. The Israelites needed to gather bread so they could have some each day. In the same way, we need to draw near to Christ each day. When we spend time each day reading the Bible and praying to God, we draw spiritual strength and spiritual health from being in his presence.

God also provided water in the desert when Moses struck a rock. In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul tells us that this rock was a picture of Christ.

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