This Week's Lesson

This Week's Lesson

Each week parents can come to this portion of our website to see which lesson we will be teaching on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Parents will be able to know what their children are being taught, and most importanly teach the same truths at home through the resources found on the Link to Information about The Gospel Story Curriculum 

The Story

Sunday, September 10, 2017 The Rainbow of God’s Promise

Abram and God's Promise

Abram was a pagan who worhipped pagan idols when God called him out of this life.  God made a promise to use Abram to build a great people for God, and out of these people would arise the promised Savior who would defeat sin and death. Abram was not worthy of this promise, but God chose to use Him.

Genesis 12-13

Teaching Points
  1. God called Abram and without God's call, Abram would never have known God.
  2. God made a promise to Abram. The promise is significant as Abram will become the father of a great nation out of which will rise the Promised Savior.  
  3. God will never break His promise.
The Gospel

God made a promise to Abram that through him all th nations of the woldl would be blessed. This blessing would not be from Abram, but from Jesus who came through the lineage of Abram. Jesus is the fulfillment of God's promise to Abram, and all who trust in the saving work of Jesus are the recipients of God's fulfilled promise.

SWORD Bible Memory | September

Memory Verse for September

Preschool: Blue Dot

1st - 4th Grade: Blue Dot and Green Square

5th - 6th Grades: Blue Dot, Green Square, and Orange Triangle

SWORD Bible Memory Card

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