The Gospel Story Curriculum

The Gospel Story Curriculum

We use The Gospel Story Curriculum in our Children's Sunday School classes. This curriculum focuses on Jesus Christ as it teaches children 78 Old Testament lessons and 78 New Testament lessons that highlight God’s plan for redemption. This curriculum is gospel-centered and teaches children a biblical theology centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Bible has four major components, and with the help of this curriculum, children should recognize and understand each of these: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. The four major themes of Scripture will be taught to your children in the following way:

  1. God made the world good (creation)
  2. Sin made the world groan (fall)
  3. Jesus broke the chains of sin (redemption)
  4. God will make a new world (consummation)

Here a video explaining more about this curriculum. 

Gospel Story Curriculum Video

It's our hope that upon completion of this curriculum children are familiar with the big picture of the Bible as well as the major themes, people and stories.

The Gospel Story Curriculum has two accompanying devotional book to use in the home. The Long Story Short and Old Story New are to be used in partnership with what we're teaching on Sunday. These resources can be purchased from New Growth Press by following these links:

Long Story Short 

Old Story New

If there is a financial hardship which prevents you from purchasing these resources, please contact us for assistance.


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