Sunday - 10:30 AM

 Kids Sparks  Kids Worship Place Holder
Babies - Kindergarten

We call this age group "Sparks" because we want to spark an interest in Jesus within the hearts of these preschoolers!


The nursery is staffed by paid workers who provide loving childcare during the 10:30 am Worship hour. We believe that children begin learning about God from birth. As a result, we seek to teach the children about Him through love, prayer, God's Word, and care for both the children and their families. We promote throughout the year on a developmental and as-needed basis. The nursery is located on the first floor of the Children's Building (Building 'B').

There are two Nursing Mother's room available. One is located next to the Women's Restroom in the foyer of the Worship Center. Another is located in Room 111 of the Children's Building.

2's - Kindergarten

We are seeking to nurture the faith of the next generation through a God-centered curriculum. Loving workers who are dedicated to teaching the children who God is and why He is to be worshipped staff the classes.

The curriculum used is Explore the Bible from Lifeway. The children move from activity center to activity center, where they enjoy a Bible lesson, Worship, and Playground Activity.

 Kids Worship

We desire to help families learn to live a life of authentic worship, and we enjoying seeing families gathering with the church to worship our Lord and Savior. We also know not every family is at the same place. We want to serve all families and that's why we are excited to offer an optional Kids Worship Service during our 10:30 am time of gathered worship.

KIDS WORSHIP is for children in 1st - 4th Grade and takes place during our Sunday morning 10:30 am service.

There are 2 check-in stations in the Sanctuary, one upstairs and one downstairs. Both check-in stations are clearly marked with signs that read:


Parents will check their children in at the check-in stations where they will be given a Kids Worship “token”.

Parents, along with their children will then take a seat in the Sanctuary and enjoy our morning time of corporate worship through singing praises to our Great God and King.

After the singing and prior to the morning teaching, the kids will be dismissed and they will walk to the Kids Worship Check-In Station where a Kids Worship Team Member will escort them to Room 201 located upstairs in our Main Sanctuary Building.

If a parent did not check their child in prior to the kids being dismissed, the parent will need to walk their child to Room 201 and complete the check-in process.

After the church service ends, you will walk to room 201, present the token you received at check-in to a Kids Worship Team Member and then your child will be released to you.

 For the location of the Children's Building, check our Campus Map