STM to Guatemala

July 22nd-28th

May 24th- $600 (nonrefundable)
June 7th- $300
June 21st-$300
July 9th-$250
Please contact Justin if you have any questions about the payment dates. His email is and his extension at the church is ext563.

We will be having a team meeting on the 9th of July 2017 after church. Please attend as we will be going over information for the trip. Thanks Firehouse staff

Other info:
Please check your passports and make sure they are up to date.
Please stay up with the shots that the health department recommends. Following the first page is the number for the Health Department in Viera.
Check ALL your information on Managed missions and make sure you name and birthday is exactly as it is on your passport. I will be ordering plane tickets and health insurance according to the information that has been provided on Managed Missions