STM to Southeast Asia

July 2017

This team of physically fit, adventurous people will partner with local missionaries as they engage remote, primarily Muslim villages with the gospel. Step outside your comfort zone to reach this unreached people group with the Good News of Jesus by traveling to some of the most remote parts of Southeast Asia with just a bag, a translator, and your good sense of adventure.Team members will be staying in the villages in homes of the locals they meet and will have the opportunity to do some physically daunting activities such as scuba diving, and cave exploration. From this platform of ecotourism, participants will have unique opportunities to meet and engage the locals with the Gospel.


Estimated Cost:
• Airfare: $1,300-$1,500
• Food, lodging, transportation, guides: $900
• Bring: $100 cash
• Total: $2,300-$2,500

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